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Japan Emerging As Security Provider In Region

Japan is now a security provider in East Asia, a historic development given the traditional suspicion with which it has been viewed in the region. This flows from the three-way summit of the US, Japan and the Philippines at the White House recently. In this interview on The Gist, Dr Satoru Nagao, non-resident scholar at […]Read More

PNG Treads Carefully With Back To Back Visits From China And Australia

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi is expected in Papua New Guinea (PNG) this weekend on a two-day visit. On the agenda is an economic cooperation agreement details of which are yet to be released. PNG had earlier declined an offer from China for help in strengthening its police force, a decision reflecting the broader discomfort […]Read More

Siachen Glacier—A Triangular Wedge In The Pakistan, China Threat At The World’s Third Pole

The Siachen Glacier is a critical, strategic triangle that India has wedged between Pakistan and China. That happened in April 1984, when India foiled Pakistan’s preparations to militarily occupy the Siachen Glacier. The surprise move pre-empted the Pakistan Army’s Operation Ababeel. In fact, this year, 2024, is the 40th anniversary of Operation Meghdoot. Given that, […]Read More

Japan Is ‘Two-Faced’ Says People’s Daily, Tokyo Provoking Confrontation

By Chinese standards, it’s probably par for the course. On Thursday, an editorial in the People’s Daily slammed Japan for being “two-faced,” accusing it of falsely depicting China as a regional security threat while simultaneously seeking more stable bilateral relations. The editorial warned that China would take measures if Tokyo acted irresponsibly. The editorial was […]Read More

SNG Daily: More Sanctions Coming For Iran After Attack On Israel; Pablo Escobar’s Name Cannot Be Registered As A Trademark

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. More Sanctions Coming For Iran After Attack On Israel Iran’s first direct attack on Israel will see more sanctions from the US and its allies. That’s the indication Washington and other allies have given Tel Aviv in an attempt to prevent any further […]Read More

Is Prime Minister Modi Testing China, Signalling The West?

“It is my belief that we need to urgently address the prolonged situation on our borders so that the abnormality in our bilateral interactions can be put behind us.”  That was Prime Minister Modi on relations with China in his recent interview with Newsweek magazine. It sparked interest among diplomats and China scholars here, given that […]Read More

Executed Spy Sold Secrets to US, Says China

For the first time on Monday, China revealed that a man who was executed in 2016 had been found guilty of selling secrets to the United States. In a video released to highlight China’s effectiveness in fighting foreign espionage, state broadcaster CCTV confirmed that Huang Yu was executed in May 2016, one month after his […]Read More

New PM For Singapore As Lee Hsien Loong Bows Out

On Monday, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, aged 72, said on May 15th, he would hand over power to his designated successor Lawrence Wong, 51, currently deputy prime minister and finance minister. In a statement posted on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office, Lee called the leadership transition a “significant moment”. “I will […]Read More

No Compromise On National Security, Says Hong Kong’s Top Leader

China‘s leading authority on Hong Kong affairs emphasised that the city must firmly adhere to national security principles to protect its development. This statement was made in a speech a few weeks following the introduction of comprehensive new security legislation. “To move towards governance and prosperity, we need to tightly hold onto the bottom line […]Read More

Does The US Have Stomach For A War: China Is Asking

There’s an unspoken question China’s President Xi is asking: does the US have the stomach for war with China? He’s probably yet to make up his mind but there’s little doubt his maneuvers in the South China Sea, backing Iran as it flexes muscle in the Persian Gulf and support for Russia in Ukraine, are […]Read More

As EU Steps Up Green Tech Probe, China Warns Against Protectionism

The top trade official of China warned the European Union about protectionism on Friday. He said China was confused by EU investigations into exports of green technology and the EU’s worries that they might harm their own solar panel, wind turbine, and electric vehicle industries. Wang Wentao is travelling through Europe for discussions about the […]Read More

Japan PM: China Greatest Global Strategic Challenge

Fumio Kishida, Japan’s Prime Minister,  urged members of the U.S. Congress to maintain their support of Ukraine on Thursday. During his address inside the House chamber, he told lawmakers to overcome “self-doubt” about America’s role on the world stage. “The leadership of the United States is indispensable. Without U.S. support, how long before the hopes […]Read More