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The Soft Power Of Buddhism Carries Enormous Political Influence

The Buddha lived his years in India, he preached here and died here and there was a time when Buddhism had spread all over this country, as far as Afghanistan, to southeast Asia and beyond, says Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden, secretary-general of the International Buddhist Confederation in Delhi (IBC). He was speaking to Stratnews Global in […]Read More

Indian Air Force’s China Challenge In Ladakh And A Slice Of Tibet

The Indian Air Force’s Leh base. The challenge from the China and Pakistan two-front threat. Protecting India’s borders from Chinese aggression. And preserving Tibet’s Buddhism from Chinese repression. Those are the subjects of this documentary. In ‘The Himalayan Frontier’ Part VII here’s a look at Shakti & Shanti (Power & Peace) in Ladakh. We record […]Read More