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Trump Grandstands As Iran Strikes At Israel

If he were president, Iran would never have attacked Israel, claims former President Donald Trump. In a post on his Truth Social app, Trump wrote “Israel is under attack. This should never have been allowed to happen. This would never have happened if I were president.” President Biden had earlier said his country “Will stand […]Read More

Biden Condemns Iran Attacks Against Israel, Pledges G7 Response

US President Joe Biden has condemned Iranian attacks on military facilities in Israel, pledging a coordinated G7 diplomatic response. The United States had helped Israel take down “nearly all” of the attacking drones and missiles, he said in a statement. Biden, who cut short a trip to Delaware and returned to Washington to meet advisers, […]Read More

Philippines Eyes $100 Billion In Investment Deals From US, Japan

The Philippines is eyeing around $100 billion in investment deals in the next five to 10 years from the country’s trilateral summit with the United States and Japan, the presidential office said in a statement, quoting its ambassador to Washington. The investments would cover a range of different sectors including energy and digital infrastructure, the […]Read More

Biden To Netanyahu: Protect Gaza Civilians, Or Else

US President Joe Biden effectively gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ultimatum on Thursday: Protect Palestinian civilians and foreign aid workers in Gaza or Washington could rein in support for Israel in its war against Hamas militants. The message, after months of U.S. calls for Israel to change its military tactics that have killed […]Read More

Trump Calls Illegal Immigrants ‘Animals’ At Election Rally

Former US President Donald Trump on a campaign trail has called illegal immigrants in the United States “animals” and “not human”. The Republican presidential candidate during a speech in Michigan described in detail several criminal cases where illegal immigrants were involved. He also warned that there would be violence and chaos if he did not […]Read More

US Approves More Arm Sales To Israel

The US has authorised the transfer of billions of dollars of bombs and fighter jets to Israel as it publicly pushes Israel to not carry out a military offensive in Rafah, the Washington Post reported. According to the newspaper, the arms package includes over 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound bombs along with […]Read More

Biden Assures Pakistan PM Of Support

For the first time in his tenure, US president Joe Biden has officially communicated with Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif and expressed support. In a letter to Sharif, Biden highlighted that ties between both nations were critical for bilateral and regional peace and security. Since taking over as US president in January 2021, Biden neither spoke […]Read More

Baltimore Maritime Disaster: How Did This Catastrophe Happen?

The worst maritime disaster of 2024 and could four Indians be responsible?  That’s the million-dollar question as emergency crews, fire-fighters and diving teams struggle to contain the disaster caused by the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali ramming into the Francis Scott Key bridge sited over Maryland’s Patapasco River early this morning.  The entire bridge collapsed. According […]Read More