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US Won’t Be Part Of Any Israeli Retaliatory Action Against Iran?

US President Joe Biden and other leaders of the G7 nations have condemned Iran’s attack on Israel, saying it risked provoking an “uncontrollable regional escalation.” A White House official said Biden warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US will not take part in a counter-offensive against Iran if Israel decides to retaliate after […]Read More

How, When Will Iran Strike Back At Israel For Embassy Bombing?

Iran is in no mood to either forget the bombing of its mission in Damascus earlier this month or to forgive Israel. The message from the country’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei—the country’s highest authority—was unambiguous. “When the Zionist regime attacks the Iranian consulate in Syria, it is as if it attacked our soil. This […]Read More

In Gaza, What Does Eid Mean In Times Of War?

On Eid, a minar is all that remains of the al-Farouk mosque in Rafah in southern Gaza, now home to over a million war displaced. As children run around with infectious joy atop the bombed structure, the happiness has more to do with sighting a drone camera than with festivities. The holy month of Ramzan […]Read More

Biden: Israel Has Not Done Enough To Protect Aid Workers

It’s the strongest criticism yet of PM Netanyahu and Israel from its strongest ally. President Joe Biden, in an interview with Univision, has said he doesn’t agree with Netanyahu’s approach to the conflict. “So I think what he’s (Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) doing is a mistake,” said Biden in the interview. “I don’t agree […]Read More

SNG Daily: Netanyahu’s Approach To War A ‘Mistake’, Says Biden; China Calls US Remarks on AUKUS And Taiwan ‘Dangerous’

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. ‘Dangerous’: China Questions US Comments On Taiwan And AUKUS The US deputy Secretary of State’s comments have drawn a sharp reaction from China. Kurt Campbell made a rare linkage between AUKUS and Taiwan when he indicated the AUKUS submarine project between Australia, Britain […]Read More

UN Has Been Sabotaging Peace In West Asia For Years: Israel

Six months into the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, a different battle is playing out at the United Nations. The Palestinians have formally sought that an application moved by them in 2011 to become a UN member, be reconsidered by the Security Council. Palestine is currently a non-member observer state. “It was sent to the Security […]Read More

Netanyahu’s Top Rival Benny Gantz Calls For Early Elections

Upping the pressure on Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down, war cabinet minister Benny Gantz has called for elections in September stating the need for maintaining unity and keeping people’s trust in the government. Gantz, a former general and the leader of the National Unity party, has said that the Israeli public needs […]Read More

US, Israel Hold Talks Over Possible Rafah Offensive

US and Israel officials held two hours of virtual talks yesterday on a planned Israeli offensive in Gaza’s Rafah. According to a statement released after the meeting, the Israeli side has said that it would take the concerns into account, Reuters reported. Both sides said that they agreed with the objective of seeing Hamas defeated […]Read More

SNG Daily: Calls For Netanyahu’s Resignation Grow Louder; Local Elections Deliver Massive Setback To Erdogan

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Calls For Netanyahu’s Resignation And Fresh Elections Grow Louder Voices of protest in Israel are growing louder. In one of the biggest demonstrations since Israel’s air strikes in Gaza following the October 7 attacks, Netanyahu faces opposition on multiple fronts which can threaten […]Read More