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More Than 90 Reported Drowned Off Mozambique

More than 90 people were reported drowned when an overcrowded fishing vessel capsized off the coast of Mozambique, authorities were quoted as saying. The tragedy took place in NAMPULA province in northern Mozambique, more than 2000 km from the capital MAPUTO in the south. –The vessel was on its way to an island with reportedly […]Read More

Zimbabwe Declares El Nino-induced Drought National Disaster

HARARE: Zimbabwe has declared a state of disaster over a devastating drought that’s sweeping across much of southern Africa, with the country’s president saying it needs $2 billion for humanitarian assistance. The declaration was expected following similar actions by neighboring Zambia and Malawi, where drought linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon has scorched crops, […]Read More

Sudan Is On Course To Become The World’s Worst Hunger Crisis, Says UN

The  conflict in Sudan between its military and paramilitary forces has put the African nation on course to become the world’s worst hunger crisis with malnutrition soaring and already claiming children’s lives, the U.N. humanitarian office warned Wednesday. Edem Wosornu, the director of humanitarian operations, told the U.N. Security Council that already one-third of Sudan’s […]Read More