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The Coming Collapse Of Sri Lanka?

Television news broadcasts from Sri Lanka are a grim warning to ruling elites anywhere in the world, that the good times don’t last forever, and all it takes is a spark to set things alight.

In this chat on StratNewsGlobal, Nitin Gokhale, editor in chief, from the background of his long experience of Sri Lanka, looks at some critical issues: the politician today is the most reviled figure in the country; no opposition politician is ready to be prime minister, so does that mean Mahinda comes back?

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The whereabouts of President Gotabaya are not known, and it’s unclear if he is in charge. Will he turn to the army to salvage his fortunes? If the chaos continues are we likely to see the army intervene? Is Lanka the first domino to fall in the wake of the Ukraine war, the energy crisis that followed and Colombo’s own disastrous economic policies?

Tune in at 8 for Nitin Gokhale’s take on Sri Lanka: Paradise Lost.