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Strengthen Ties Among Asian Countries To Overcome Covid: Gotabaya

Relationships and understanding among all countries in Asia and around the world should be strengthened to combat the challenges thrown up by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has said.

Delivering the keynote speech at the “Future of Asia” International Conference, he stated that all nations should unite and work with confidence to battle the pandemic that has claimed the lives of many worldwide.

“Our cooperation with China is on par with our overall economic and commercial trajectories. China has been a key investment partner to Sri Lanka, as have many other countries. As a developing country, Sri Lanka wishes to obtain the support of all partner nations to fast track our development aspirations and improve the livelihoods of our people. My government is keen to further strengthen our relationships with Asian nations and countries farther away.”

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“While we are aware of world power rivalries and regional power dynamics, our foreign policy is neutral. We consider India our closest neighbour and a long-standing friend, and we understand their security concerns and sensitivities. We will work closely with India and all regional partners to ensure that the Indian Ocean remains secure for the benefit of all countries,” President Rajapaksa added.

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