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NEW DELHI: India’s Adani Group has been invited by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to discuss the terms of
NEW DELHI: China may have failed to keep the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) united despite a last-ditch attempt in
PUNE: There is an old Chinese board game called ‘Go’, which the Chinese prefer to chess. The objective of the
NEW DELHI: In the next few days, Pakistan’s National Assembly will pass an Act setting up the CPEC (China Pak
NEW DELHI: Joe Biden has been hailed as the voice of reason especially as far as Iran is concerned. But
NEW DELHI: The space for those expressing secular, liberal or progressive views is shrinking rapidly in Bangladesh–this is a view
NEW DELHI: White sands, turquoise waters, soothing sea breezes–a bunch of island nations scattered in the Indian Ocean region (IOR)
NEW DELHI: The Indo-Pacific is seeing a new entrant: Germany! Why? Germany has no territorial interests in the Indo-Pacific that
NEW DELHI: The British government is coming out with a report next month that is expected to detail key shifts
NEW DELHI: Lonely Planet describes Sittwe, the capital of Myanmar’s Rakhine State, as a city that “sits in an incredible
NEW DELHI: Here’s the issue with India-Russia relations: since much of it is tied to defence which is largely under the
NEW DELHI: Meet Dr Mumin Chen, deputy representative at the Taiwan Representative Office in Delhi. He’s a former academic from