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SNG Daily: Without Russia, Ukraine Peace Summit A ‘Complete Circus’; Japan PM Says Hopes Of Ukraine Will Collapse If…

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Putin: Without Russia, Ukraine Peace Summit A ‘Complete Circus’

Overnight attacks have hit a huge power plant in Ukraine causing massive disruption across the war-ravaged nation. Putin’s response to that – Russia had to. Speaking to his ally Belarus’s President Lukashenko, the Russian President said, “We observed a series of strikes on our energy sites recently and were obliged to respond.” He has called it a part of the exercise of demilitarisation of Ukraine. Putin also said Russia has not been invited to the Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland planned in June. Without Russia’s participation he called the summit a ‘complete circus’, claiming that Russia was in favour of peace talks but not in the format that the West was suggesting.

Without US Support, Hopes Of Ukraine Will Collapse: Japan PM Kishida

At a time when US politics is stalling aid to Ukraine, Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida told a joint session of US Congress that without US support, Ukraine could collapse under Russia’s onslaught. He is only the second Japanese PM to address a joint session of Congress after Shinzo Abe and he underlined the role of US leadership in global affairs, urging Americans to shed notions of self-doubt. His address also highlighted concerns regarding North Korea and China.

Vietnam’s Disgraced Tycoon Sentenced To Death For Financial Fraud

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A court in Vietnam has handed down the death penalty to a billionaire real estate dealer for her role in financial fraud. The chairwoman of Van Thinh Phat Holdings Group, Truong My Lan, was found guilty of embezzlement, bribery and violating banking rules. The court found her guilty of holding 91.5% stake in Saigon Commercial Bank, which meant almost total control over its affairs. And she used that control to embezzle funds and bribe officials. She was held guilty of financial damage to the tune of $20 billion…roughly 5% of Vietnam’s GDP. The prosecution is a part of the ruling Communist Party leader’s crackdown on corruption called ‘blazing furnace’. The anti-graft campaign has seen many senior state officials and high-profile executives prosecuted.

US Dispatches Senior Military Commander To Israel As Fears Grow Over Iran’s Move

With increasing concerns over a possible retaliation by Iran, the US has dispatched senior military commander General Kurilla to Israel. Despite differences, Biden said US support for Israel remains ironclad. Iran’s Supreme leader said Israel ‘must be punished and it shall be’ for attacking the Iranian embassy compound in Syria. Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu has acknowledged his nation is facing challenging times in the midst of the war in Gaza. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also reached out to China to use its influence to dissuade Tehran from attacking Israel.

Are Top Fashion Brands H&M, Zara Responsible For Destroying Brazil’s Forests?

An investigation carried out by an NGO called Earthsight has claimed that top fashion brands like Zara and H&M used cotton for their products that have caused significant destruction to Brazil’s rainforests. The cotton came from an area where people were forced off their homeland through intimidation, shootings, and violent attacks. The cotton was certified as ‘sustainable’ by Better Cotton, which has also launched an inquiry after the report. H&M has said it takes the allegations seriously.