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SNG Daily: Pakistan Second-Largest Naval Air Base Attacked; Japan Breaks From Pacifist Stance

Balochistan Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for attacking Pakistan second-largest naval airbase in Turbat.

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Balochistan Liberation Army Attacks Pakistan Naval Airbase In Turbat

Balochistan Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for attacking Pakistan second-largest naval airbase in Turbat. Multiple explosions and gunfire were heard at PNS Siddique, which is Pakistan’s second-largest airbase. The BLA has said it opposes Chinese investments in Balochistan’s resources. Chinese drones are reportedly stationed at this airbase. A Pakistan Navy spokesperson has claimed all attackers were killed after they tried to enter the base. Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif said “We escaped a huge loss.” This is the third attack this year by BLA’s Majeed Brigade. Earlier the group targeted Mach city on January 29 and Military Intelligence’s headquarters in Gwadar on March 20.

Japan Breaks From Pacifist Stance, Green Lights Fighter Jet Exports

The Japanese cabinet has given the go-ahead to export new fighter jets to foreign countries. This is a shift away from the country’s pacifist stance. The new fighter jets are being developed jointly with the UK and Italy. These can be sold to countries with whom Japan has defence agreements and no ongoing conflicts and will need the approval of the cabinet. Japan is committed to doubling its military spending by 2027 in the face of perceived threats from China, North Korea. The export initiative aims to bolster Japan’s defense industry, traditionally focused on serving its Self Defense Force.

Russia Charges 4 Accused With Terrorism For Moscow Attack

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A Russian court has slapped terrorism charges against four arrested for the Moscow concert hall attack. At least 137 people were killed when gunmen attacked the Crocus Concert Hall on March 22. The accused, who are Tajik migrant labourers who were working in Russia, were brought into court with visible injuries. Putin blamed radical Islamists for the attack but also continued to accuse Ukraine of helping them, a charge Kyiv has denied.

Bassirou Diomaye Faye Set To Be Senegal’s Youngest President

It was perhaps the best birthday gift he could ask for. 44-year-old Bassirou Diomaye Faye is Senegal’s President-elect, after his main rival, and the candidate from the governing party conceded defeat even before all the votes could be counted on March 25. As Senegal’s next President, he will also be the youngest to take office. The anti-establishment leader, who was released from jail just over a week ago, won more than 50% votes. It was expected to be a tight contest between Faye and Amadou Ba, but Ba surprised many by conceding defeat and congratulating Faye. In his first public appearance after the elections, Faye said, “In electing me, the Senegalese people have decided on a break with the past.” He promised to govern with ‘humility and transparency’.

Jair Bolsonaro Stayed In Hungarian Embassy For 2 Days After Passports Were Seized

Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed that he stayed in the Hungarian embassy in Brasilia for two days. The confirmation comes after the New York Times accessed footage where the former Brazilian President was seen at the Embassy. Police seized Bolsonaro’s Brazilian and Italian passports and raided homes of his aides as a part of an investigation into whether they were involved in plotting a coup. Many of his aides are already in prison and the trip to the Hungarian embassy has raised questions on what his next plans may be. Bolsonaro shares a good rapport with fellow right-wing leader of Hungary Viktor Orban. Bolsonaro’s lawyer has said he stayed at the embassy “to maintain contact with officials of the friendly country” and “get updates on the political landscape of both nations”. He called all other interpretations ‘fake news’.