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SNG Daily: North Korea Tests Nuclear Trigger; 10 Dead After Two Navy Helicopters Collide In Malaysia

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North Korea: Kim Jong Un Supervises ‘Simulated Nuclear Counterattack’ Drills

Under the supervision of Kim Jong Un, these are North Korea’s first simulated nuclear counterattack drills. Several short-range missiles were fired by North Korea towards the sea to the east as a part of this simulated nuclear trigger management system. According to KCNA, North Korea’s artillery forces joined the drills to showcase the country’s diversified nuclear capabilities and retaliate against “provocative and invasive” military exercises of the United States and South Korea. Kim Jong Un hailed the exercise saying North Korea had “the world’s best” tactical nuclear attack weapons. This latest exercise is certain to ring alarm bells in the region.

10 Dead After Two Navy Helicopters Collide In Malaysia

10 crew members of the Malaysian navy have died after two military choppers collided mid-air during a rehearsal. As this video shows, the helicopters were flying in formation when one of the choppers’ rotor clipped another before both aircraft crashed into the ground. The incident took place at the Lumut naval base in the western state of Perak at around 9:30 am local time. The Navy is investigating the incident. Defence Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the choppers, which included a maritime operations helicopter and a Fennec military chopper, were engaged in rehearsal activities for a parade commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Royal Malaysian Navy, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

UK Parliament Approves Rwanda Bill For Deportation Of Migrants

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After two years of back and forth over the controversial bill that looks to deport some illegal migrants to Rwanda, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak finally managed to get it passed in the UK Parliament. He has said the first deportation flights to Rwanda are expected in another 10-12 weeks. Under the legislation, individuals who arrive in the UK illegally may be sent to Rwanda to process their asylum applications. If they are granted asylum, they will continue to stay in Rwanda, not in the UK. Rishi Sunak will be hoping the bill will help bolster his Conservative Party’s ratings in opinion polls where the Tories have taken a massive beating ahead of elections later this year. In recent years, tens of thousands of migrants, often fleeing conflicts and poverty in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, have reached the shores of the UK making dangerous journeys in small boats across the English Channel. The Rwanda bill was a top agenda item for the Conservative Party from the time Boris Johnson was the PM.

Elon Musk Showing His Arrogance: Australian PM Albanese

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is not amused with Elon Musk making the issue of removal of posts related to the stabbing of Bishop a question of free speech. A federal court in Australia ordered Musk’s social media platform, X, to remove the video of the stabbing. While the injunction ordered the platform to remove the videos across the platform, X had only restricted access to the content within Australia pending a legal challenge. That’s when Australian PM called Musk arrogant.

80 Earthquakes Rock Taiwan’s East Coast

Taiwan’s east coast saw over 80 earthquakes, with the most intense one measuring 6.3 magnitude. Only minor damage was reported and there were no casualties. Some tremors were strong enough to shake buildings in the capital city of Taipei. Taiwan is close to the intersection of two tectonic plates, and is susceptible to earthquakes. The seismic activity was concentrated in the predominantly rural eastern region of Hualien, where a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on April 3 resulted in the deaths of at least 14 individuals. Taiwan is not new to tremors and regularly holds earthquake drills in schools and offices to make sure people know what to do in the case of an earthquake.