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Kim Mourns Death Of Propaganda Chief; Trump lawyers Demand Mistrial Amid Stormy Daniels’ Testimony

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Kim Jong Un Mourns Death Of Propaganda Chief Who Served All Three Chiefs

Kim Jong Un paid respects to Kim Ki Nam, who was one of North Korea’s longest-serving officials. In fact, he had worked with all three generations of the Kim dynasty, starting with Kim Jong Un’s grandfather and founder of North Korea – Kim II Sung. Kim Ki Nam was part of the core group of loyal officials who headed the propaganda machinery and cemented the political legitimacy of the rulers of the closed state. He was among the few officials to have visited South Korea, leading a funeral delegation in 2009 after the death of President Kim De-Jung who championed the Sunshine Policy and opened an era of reconciliation with Pyongyang. He became the deputy chief of the propaganda unit in 1966, then chief during Kim II Sung’s rule. He retired in 2017.

No Ceasefire Deal If Israeli Aggression Continues: Hamas

Hamas has said there will be no ceasefire if Israel continues with its aggression in Gaza. Hours before Israel started what it called a ‘precision counter-terrorism’ operation in east Rafah, Hamas had agreed to the terms of a 3-phase ceasefire but Israel had turned it down saying it didn’t meet its demands. Israel forces have seized control of the Rafah border in Gaza which has now cut off crucial aid that gets into the enclave. Benjamin Netanyahu has said the operation in Rafah is a limited one and aimed at dismantling Hamas’s infrastructure.

Trump Lawyers Ask For Mistrial After Stormy Daniels’s Testimony

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Porn star Stormy Daniels took the stand in Donald Trump’s hush money case in New York and gave out intricate details of her sexual encounter with the former President. Her testimony went on for many hours in which the 45-year-old also detailed the hush money deal that was signed so her story would stay out of the public domain in 2016 before the elections that sent Donald Trump to the White House. She said when the details of the hush money deal went public, her life descended into chaos and she was outcast even at home.

Long Lines, Chaos At UK Airports As Border System Reports Outage

Long lines and chaos welcomed passengers at many airports across the United Kingdom on the night of May 7 after the automated passport control system encountered a technical glitch. The outage that followed saw the lines getting longer and people’s patience getting shorter. The problem was reported across multiple airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted in London, Edinburgh in Scotland and Manchester in Northern England. The manual passport control also meant that incoming passengers had to wait for a long time before they could clear border control. Before this, the automated border gates system crashed in May 2023, witnessing similar scenes and delays. The problem has now been resolved and the UK Home Office has said the outage was not due to any cyber attack. It has also said no border security was compromised when the systems went down.

Before-And-After Satellite Pics Show The Extent Of Damage In Flood-Hit Brazil

These before-and-after satellite images present a stark picture of just how devastating the heavy rains have been for Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. From the airport to the city and these residential areas and the river and a landmark church… the contrasting images show the damage left behind in the wake of heavy rains that submerged parts of the runway at Porto Allegre and made the parking lot look like a lake. 90 people are dead, 130 missing and 130,000 people impacted due to these disruptions. Rescue efforts have been hampered due to the flooding and many people are still waiting to be evacuated. Others are running out of food and water to drink. Almost half a million people in Porto Alegre are without electricity as power supply has been cut in flooded areas due to security reasons.