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SNG Daily: ‘Israel Will Be Slapped,’ Says Iran Supreme Leader; WCK Founder Says His Aid Workers Were Targeted

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‘Israel Will Be Slapped,’ Says Iran Supreme Leader After Syria Embassy Bombing

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has said Israel ‘will be slapped’ for the bombing of its embassy compound in Syria. Iran holds Israel responsible for the strike in which seven military advisors were killed, including two generals. He said, “The Israeli regime fell into their own trap which there is no saving from. And everyday the (Zionist) regime in Gaza continues, it will be closer to decline and dissolution.” Meanwhile, the UN Security Council failed to condemn the strike in Syria as the US, France and the UK opposed a Russian-drafted statement.

“Why Vocal Only On Arvind Kejriwal’s Arrest?” Reporter Questions Official

A reporter has questioned the spokesperson of the US State Department for America’s silence on political prisoners in Pakistan. He said while the US was issuing multiple statements on the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the IT department’s notices against Congress party, it had not given the same priority to politicians from the opposition who were thrown into jail in Pakistan, particularly female prisoners. Listen in to this exchange.

World Central Kitchen Founder Says His Aid Workers Were Targeted

Nitin A Gokhale WhatsApp Channel

Jose Andres has some harsh words for Israel. The celebrity Chef and Founder of World Central Kitchen lost seven colleagues when Israeli airstrikes hit a convoy with his aid workers who shouldn’t have been at risk in the first place. He said Israeli Defence Forces knew the movements of the convoy. He does not believe Israel’s version that the strike was ‘unintentional’. Global leaders have condemned the deaths of the humanitarian workers. While Australia’s PM Anthony Albanese called Israel’s explanation ‘not good enough’ Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez has called it ‘unacceptable’.

Taiwan Earthquake: Drone Visuals Show Trapped Mine Workers In Hualien

Workers in Taiwan have started bringing down quake-hit buildings. Over 1000 people were left injured after Taiwan’s worst earthquake in 25 years titled buildings. 9 people are reported dead. Many in the eastern part of Taiwan spent the night outdoors with more than 300 aftershocks. After the earthquake blocked off all their exit routes in this mountainous region, trapped mine workers were seen on drone footage and later rescued. Most people who were reported missing have been accounted for.

NATO Marks 75th Anniversary As Concerns Remain Over Help To Ukraine

It’s been 75 years since the signing of the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO came into being and NATO foreign ministers are in Brussels to mark the occasion. NATO started with an initial membership of 12 nations from North America and Europe, as a response to escalating concerns regarding the military threat posed by the Soviet Union to European democracies. Today, NATO has 32 member nations, with Sweden and Finland being the latest additions, joining in response to increased threat perception from Russia after it invaded Ukraine. This also comes at a time when concerns remain over how to help Ukraine and the NATO General Secretary has proposed a fund of 100 billion euros over the next five years to support Ukraine’s military.