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SNG Daily: Netanyahu’s Approach To War A ‘Mistake’, Says Biden; China Calls US Remarks on AUKUS And Taiwan ‘Dangerous’

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‘Dangerous’: China Questions US Comments On Taiwan And AUKUS

The US deputy Secretary of State’s comments have drawn a sharp reaction from China. Kurt Campbell made a rare linkage between AUKUS and Taiwan when he indicated the AUKUS submarine project between Australia, Britain and the US could help deter any Chinese move against Taiwan. In response, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office called the suggestion ‘dangerous’, accusing the trilateral security partnership of provoking ‘military confrontation in the region through military cooperation in small circles’. China has always maintained that AUKUS, set up in 2021, would promote a regional arms race.

Netanyahu’s Approach To War A ‘Mistake’, Says President Biden

Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden have had their differences during the Israel-Hamas war but this is the most vocal criticism made by the US President Biden in the context of Israel’s handling of the war. As its strongest ally, the US has so far not stopped the supply of weapons to Israel but has threatened to put in place conditions if Israel didn’t do enough to ensure the protection of aid workers.

South Korea Elections: Referendum On President Yoon?

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South Koreans voted to choose a new Parliament after a bitter campaign. President Yoon Suk Yoel’s popularity has suffered a big dent in the midst of political scandals and a rising cost-of-living crisis…which is why some analysts are seeing this as a referendum on him. Of the two main parties, the opposition Democratic Party already dominates the 300-member legislature. It is hoping to capitalize on the unpopularity of the President, which it expects will impact the showing of the People Power Party. Opinion polls ahead of voting were mixed with some districts being considered too close to call. There’s also a third splinter party in the fray, led by former justice minister Cho Kuk that could emerge as a dark horse.

Russian Court Rejects Google’s Appeal Over $50 Million Fine

There’s another setback for Sunder Pichai-led Alphabet in Russia. A Russian court has rejected an appeal from Google against a $50 million fine that was imposed on the internet giant. The fine was in response in response to what Russia called ‘fake information’ related to the Ukraine war. Russia has been going after tech companies since the Ukraine war began with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram facing a blackout. YouTube has not been blocked and the fine has been calculated as a share of Google’s annual turnover in Russia.

Firefighters Search For Missing After Explosion At Italy’s Hydroelectric Plant

At least 3 people are dead and four missing after an underground explosion and fire at an Italian hydroelectric plant. Initial assessment suggests that the fire could have been caused by a defect in a turbine. Trade unions had already expressed grave concern over safety and these deaths are likely to raise more questions. Two of the country’s largest unions are scheduled to hold a four-hour nationwide strike on April 11 to protest over the issue. In February, in another serious accident in Florence, five workers involved in building a supermarket were killed.