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Why Militaries Have To Be Ready For Non-Traditional Threats

NEW DELHI: Today’s security environment is no longer linear or predictable. In recent years, the discourse of national security has undergone a subtle transformation. It’s no longer confined to counting force levels or just matching military powers with a neighbour.

In today’s context, militaries cannot be compartmentalised. They have to anticipate a mix of symmetrical as well as asymmetrical situations in which each new mission will likely involve a complex mixture of novel strategies in volatile and fragile environments. Therefore, the militaries must be prepared to face these challenges.


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  • A relevant and important topic taken up and in precise words and within well defined terms done justice with. The role of armed forces in contemporary world is getting complicated from being complex earlier. it’s getting demanding from being challenging….coz the scope of threats are unexpectedly…new in nature….and have to be thwarted without compromising it’s capability of conventional kinetic ops………
    well analysed Sir …Nitin…regards

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