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Will Trump Face Impeachment 2?

The U.S. Congress will take up a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump later on Monday, the second time in less than two years, unless Vice President Mike Pence invokes the 25th amendment to remove him from office. The resolution will call upon Pence to convene the Cabinet, invoke the amendment and declare Trump “incapable of executing the duties of his office”.

If there are objections, the resolution will be voted upon, and if it clears, Pence will be given 24 hours to dump Trump. If that does not happen, the Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi intend to go ahead with impeachment. Reports say 200 House Democrats are on board with the impeachment which could happen as early as Wednesday.

Pence has indicated he is not ready to invoke the 25th amendment. Biden has refused to comment on Pelosi’s move but he is on record, saying that his inauguration on Jan 20th is the fastest way to get Trump out of the White House.