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North Korea Launches ‘Verbal Missile’

South Korea’s president Moon Jae-In is a “parrot raised by America”. By North Korea’s normal standards that are nothing short of vitriol, this may seem mild. But the latest fusillade from Pyongyang was delivered by none other than Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of mercurial leader Kim Jong Un. The ‘occasion’ was the South’s criticism of the north’s recent missile test, which Yo Jong dismissed as “illogical and brazen faced”.

In a statement carried by the North Korean media, she was quoted as saying: “We can hardly repress astonishment at his shamelessness.”

Earlier, a top deputy of Kim Jong Un described U.S. President Biden’s criticism of the missile tests as a provocation and an encroachment on the north’s right to self-defence. It was pointed out that the U.S. was freely testing missiles while seeking to deny the same to North Korea.