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Iran-U.S. Compromise In The Works?

From Tuesday, Iran will stop giving inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to thousands of camera monitoring nuclear sites. This was conveyed by Iran to Rafael Grossi, visiting IAEA director in Tehran on Sunday. Tuesday is also the deadline set by Iran for removal of U.S. sanctions, failing which it has threatened to quit the additional protocols to the JCPOA or nuclear agreement signed in 2015.

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But even at this late stage, a compromise is still not out of the question. Deputy Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi said his government was studying a proposl by the European Union for “an informal meeting with the U.S. as a guest.” Last week, Washington said it was open to a “diplomatic way” forward. So it would appear that a compromise can be worked out that would satisfy the U.S. and Iran.