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Fashion Policing In North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is cracking down hard on what he thinks is ‘capitalistic culture’ among his country’s youth. Skinny jeans are no more allowed, so are mullets and some body piercings.

The so-called logic was clearly published in state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmum: capitalism needs to be prevented from ‘seeping’ into the country. The youth especially need to guard against the ‘exotic and decadent lifestyle’ of capitalism. So, there’s a need to fight and get rid of such lifestyles, the newspaper put out.

The curbs apply from head to toe. 15 haircuts deemed ‘non-socialist’ have been banned. Citizens have been told to go for ‘proper’ hairstyles. Spiky and dyed hair won’t be permitted. Nose and lip piercings are a strict no-no. Even branded T-shirts have to be junked.