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Covid-19 Support: When Small Is Big

As India battles a deadly second wave of Covid-19, international aid has been pouring in. And among the 40-odd nations that have stepped in with aid are many small countries. While the tiny European nation of Luxembourg has sent 58 ventilators, Mauritius has donated 200 oxygen concentrators. Poland has sent in 100 oxygen concentrators while Estonia has allocated 75,000 Euros as financial support. Romania has dispatched 80 oxygen concentrators, 75 oxygen cylinders and 20 high-flow oxygen therapy equipment. Bhutan has said it will supply 40 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen daily to Assam in tankers.

Switzerland has sent medical supplies worth over US $3 million. That includes 600 oxygen concentrators and 50 respirators. “What we are witnessing today is international solidarity at its best. It is impressive to see how many countries and private businesses are stepping up to the plate,” said Swiss Ambassador to India Dr Ralf Heckner.