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Chinese Doctor Claims Sinopharm Vaccine Unsafe, Then Retracts

Is China-made Sinopharm vaccine unsafe? Shanghai-based Dr Tao Lina alleged in a post on Weibo (since deleted) that the vaccine had 73 side effects including “pain around the injection area, headache, high blood pressure, loss of vision and taste, urinary incontinence.”

Dr Tao later apologised to the nation and his countrymen for his “imprudent comments”. It was left to Global Times to provide further explanations. It said the 73 side effects included all potential and possible side effects as set out by China’s food and drug administration. Some side effects may never occur but need to be listed anyway.

Claiming that the Sinopharm vaccine’s efficacy has been commended worldwide, it noted that Dr Tao had deleted his post and apologised. More than 10 countries have authorised use of the Chinese vaccine.

Global Times claimed that its vaccine faced greater scrutiny by the western media, and described those making such accusations as “black-hearted” and that “they should be despised”.