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‘India Must Move From Troop Contribution To Nation Building In UN Peacekeeping’

NEW DELHI: UN peacekeeping is changing with less resources available and missions therefore, being called upon to make do with less. This flows from the pandemic and the economic hit the world has taken. But there are other lessons to be drawn, notably by countries such as India that have traditionally been major contributors to UN peacekeeping.

According to Lt. Gen. Chander Prakash, former UN force commander in the Democratic Republic of Congo, India needs to look beyond troop contribution. Today it has far more to offer the world in terms of expertise and resources in reconstruction, peace building, nation-building and in helping conflict-ravaged societies to recover.

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Gen Prakash acknowledges that the UN has not intervened in Ukraine but the issue, he argues, is in how the UN is structured. Such decisions are the domain of the Security Council since it concerns the interests of the major powers. The solution lies in UN reform.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Gen. Chander Prakash on The Gist.


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