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Germany Shakes Off WWII Defensiveness, Rearms

NEW DELHI: Germany’s recent moves in the context of Ukraine are seen as very significant. It has hiked its defence budget to 100 billion euros, is investing in aircraft that can carry nuclear weapons and is also buying armed drones. Is this the prelude to a larger role in support of Ukraine? Could this lead to a larger war?

Dr Amrita Narlikar, president of the German Institute for Global & Area Studies, gives a perspective from her base in Berlin. She talks about the distance Germany has walked in all these years to overcome its record in World War II. The irony is Russia was the enemy then and is the enemy now.

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How important is Ukraine to Germany? What of Europe? Is Germany now ready to provide leadership to Europe? These are some of the questions posed to Dr. Narlikar. Tune in for more on The Gist.


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