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Thinking Through The China Challenge

 Thinking Through The China Challenge

The first leader-level summit of the Quad was held virtually earlier this month.

By taking military action in 2020, China has clearly indicated that she does not desire a stable, balanced, forward looking relationship with India and that she is willing to use military coercion to resolve her disputes with India. All earlier bilateral agreements aimed at maintaining peace and tranquility in the India-China border areas have been violated by China. China has decided the nature of the future India-China relationship: she appears to desire a conflictual, unbalanced and tense relationship with India. The military message that India has sent China is that it will not accept this bullying and attempts at coercion, lying down. India has shown the spirit of fighting back. The India-China relationship is predicated on peace on disputed borders. If and only if there is tranquility on the border, the rest of the relationship can potentially move ahead as it has done over the past three decades. Therefore, India will have to reset its China policy. It cannot be business as usual. This is a time for a fundamental rethink of the India-China relationship....Read More


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