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‘Pakistan’s Polity Is Evolving But Not In The Manner Of India’

NEW DELHI: “Imran Khan is a crafty politician who understands the value of publicity, the more the better,” says TCA Raghavan, former high commissioner to Pakistan during a chat on StratNewsGlobal. With the numbers in the national assembly stacked against him, Khan seems to be wanting to drag things out, and has even filed a legal appeal against the Supreme Court order overturning his dissolution of the assembly.

Ambassador Raghavan believes the crisis has underscored subtle developments in Pakistan’s policy. It is no longer possible for the army to impose somebody as prime minister. They need to work on the political parties and compromise. Reports about the return of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and the army backing his brother Shehbaz for the interim prime minister’s job underscore the army’s position.

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Raghavan dismisses Imran Khan’s praise of India in his address to the nation on Thursday evening. The key points of the address, he points out, were his critical allusions to the army. Pakistan is changing, evolving slowly but not in the manner of India.

Tune in for more in this chat with TCA Raghavan, former high commissioner to Pakistan.