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‘Pakistan Presents Tough Choices But India Must Take The Lead For Better Relations’

NEW DELHI: How does one deal with a perpetually hostile neighbour like Pakistan? There’s no dearth of solutions but Ambassador Sharat Sabharwal, from the insight gained during his years as high commissioner to Islamabad from 2009 to 2013, has put his experience together in a book with some lessons to be understood.

Amb. Sabharwal has no doubt that the hostility of the Pakistani military towards India is a given, and that it will always work to undermine any civilian political establishment’s moves towards better relations. That, in his view, underscores his point that India must still strive to better relations if only to strengthen the small constituency in that country which doesn’t see India in adversarial terms.

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He doesn’t believe boycotting Pakistan economically is of any worth, and India must ease up on stigmatising Islamabad with the terror brush. Rather the focus should be on dialogue with the understanding that both sides will move towards normalising economic relations. He wants easier movement across the international border and regular high level visits.

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