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“High-Tech IAF Aircraft Are All Weather 24×7 Platforms, Air-To-Air Refuelling Has Increased Reach”

IAF Station, Tezpur: In the first of our series, ‘Eastern Front Airpower‘, we speak to Air Commodore V.J. Singh, the Air Officer Commanding(AOC), Indian Air Force Station, Tezpur. StratNews Global’s team of Amitabh P. Revi and Rohit Pandita travel to the IAF base Tezpur, in Assam, after filming two other series: ‘East of The Northeast‘ and ‘Along The China Front: Commanding The Tawang Heights‘ . In this interview, Air Commodore V.J.Singh recalls the Tezpur base’s history and the changes with “high tech aircraft, the infusion of technology, and the infrastructure” contributing to “aircraft (that) can fly 24×7 in all weather” which along with “air-to-air refuelling” has meant platforms have increased their “reach” from the “strategic location of this base in this region.”

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Watch the first part of this series, in which the AOC discusses changes over time, operations, night flying, challenges of the terrain, altitude and weather in the area, training, and how the squadrons on the base, in particular the Sukhoi 30 MKIs are dealing with the threats in the region, especially along the LAC at the Arunachal Pradesh China bord