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“Same Tired Faces In The Nepal Elections”

KATHMANDU: Nepal elects a new government later this month. The buzz is Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba will return to power in alliance with Prachanda of the Maoist Centre and the latter may even emerge as prime minister. In this chat on The Gist, Amish Raj Mulmi, well known author of All Roads Lead North: Nepal’s Turn To China, talks to StratNewsGlobal about the absence of new faces among the political parties and the seeming non-addressal of issues that need to be addressed. He points to the lack of outreach by political parties to women, who make up a majority of voters. Also, in a country where young people predominate, there seems to be no focus on issues such as education, unemployment and the exodus of youth seeking jobs overseas. Tune in for more in this chat with Amish Raj Mulmi.

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