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Despite Frosty Ties, Maldives Joins MILAN 2024 Naval Exercise

Maldives Joins MILAN 2024

Despite the strained relations between New Delhi and Male, a contingent from the Maldives navy is taking part in the 12th edition of the MILAN naval exercise off the Visakhapatnam coast from February 19 to 27.

The decision reportedly follows two rounds of high-level core group meetings between the two nations. The UK, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Iraq, Brazil and Yemen are among the 50 nations taking part in the exercise.

According to ABP Live, the Maldivian Navy delegation will be represented by Lt. Col. Yoosuf Nishar, and the third meeting of the High-Level Core Group will be held in Male’ during the last week of February.
It quoted Indian Navy sources as saying the delegation has already reached Visakhapatnam, despite concerns in Male over India’s plans to build a naval base at Minicoy in Lakshadweep, 450 km from the Maldives. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is expected to inaugurate INS Jatayu there in March.

Under the theme “Forging Naval Alliances for a Secure Maritime Future,” the exercise aims to provide a vital platform for bolstering security on the high seas and ensure the safety of maritime trade.

The Harbour Phase, scheduled from February 19 to 23, will include a series of events including the International City Parade, International Maritime Seminar, Maritime Tech Expo, MILAN Village, Subject Matter Expert Exchange, and Table Top Exercise.

This will be followed by the Sea Phase, where participating navies will engage in advanced air defence, anti-submarine, and anti-surface warfare drills, targeting aerial and surface objects and replenishment exercises.

According to an Indian Navy release, MILAN is an excellent opportunity for participating navies to foster friendship, strengthen relationships, enhance interoperability and exchange best practices. By boosting confidence and readiness to tackle common challenges together, this exercise aims to pave the way for future collaborative missions, it says.

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