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‘Pak Euphoric Over Taliban Victory, But Reality May Soon Temper Celebrations’

NEW DELHI: The Afghan Taliban is reportedly the toast of Islamabad. Prime Minister Imran Khan lauded them for casting off “the shackles of slavery”. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi complimented them for declaring their commitment to education for girls. “The Taliban announced a general amnesty and they are opening schools and businesses,” he said.

What is the reality? It’s early days yet, says TCA Raghavan, former high commissioner to Pakistan. Speaking on The Gist on StratNews Global, he reflects on Pakistan’s hold over the Taliban, whether it is absolute and its role in bringing the Taliban to Kabul.

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Pakistan can be expected to pursue its strategic interests now that a government, considered friendly, is in Kabul. But is the reasoning that simple? Will the Afghan sense of self and nation increasingly manifest itself? In which case how will Pakistan react?


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