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Dozens Of Afghans, 13 U.S. Marines Killed In ‘I.S. Kabul Attack; Will Hunt Down Bombers, Biden Vows

NEW DELHI: On ‘Talking Point‘, Martine van Bijlert, Co-founder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, who has lived and worked in Afghanistan for many years, among others as a diplomat and researcher, and as an aid worker under the previous Taliban regime and Professor C. Raja Mohan, Director, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, former member, National Security Advisory Board and Author in analysis with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

No U.S. service members have been killed in Afghanistan since February 2020. On August 26, at least 13 were killed along with dozens of Afghans in ‘Islamic State in Khorasan Province’ claimed attacks near Kabul airport. This is the heaviest loss of American lives since August 6, 2011, when a Chinook was shot down killing thirty U.S. service members, including 22 Navy SEALs special operations troops as well as eight Afghans and a military dog. The panellists discuss the Taliban and the return of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, evacuations and the geo-political reverberations around the globe.

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