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‘All Is Not Lost For India In Afghanistan’

NEW DELHI: Sackcloth and ashes! There may be a tendency in India to see the Taliban victory in Kabul as a defeat. But in strategic terms, the struggle continues, so India will have to bide its time until fortune’s wheel turns.

Speaking to StratNewsGlobal on Afghanistan, where he served as a senior UN official, Shakti Sinha acknowledges that while India’s interests there are limited, there are serious security issues at stake including Pakistan using that country as a base to train and arm terrorists to send to India.

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He says the Taliban may not be the anti-Indian beast they are made out to be. In fact, the lack of a land border with Afghanistan gives India certain advantages. It is also to be noted that the Taliban has been making reassuring statements about India. So India needs to monitor the situation in Kabul closely, understand the dynamics at play between the Taliban, Pakistan and other contestants and keep its lines open with the people of Afghanistan.

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