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‘A Lot Of Fighting Is Along India’s Border With Myanmar, Delhi Must Review Support For The Junta’

NEW DELHI: Two years since the military coup that led to the overthrow of the elected civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar appears to be descending into chaos. The junta’s forces are holding their own and helped by arms supplies from Russia, are on the offensive in a number of areas including Chin state which borders India.   But as Gautam Mukhopadhaya, former ambassador to Myanmar, points out on The Gist, the assorted ethnic armies despite serious deficiencies in training, arms  and leadership, could turn the tide in the long run. He however, doubts an outright victory is possible. The alternative is a revolt from within the ranks of the junta, which at this point seems unlikely.  The Asean-led effort has failed to move the generals nor has China shown any inclination to move away from its support for the junta. Ambassador Mukhopadhaya believes it is time India moved away from its support for the junta, and recommends that it reach out to the national unity government that has a representative in Delhi.

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