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U.S. Calls China ‘Most Consequential’ Challenge

 U.S. Calls China ‘Most Consequential’ Challenge

Communist China has been labelled as the “most consequential” challenge to the United States, as President Joe Biden released his National Security Strategy this week, nearly 22 months into his presidency. The document is to provide the overarching framework within which the administration will seek to safeguard the nation and pursue its interests within an increasingly contested international order. “This strategy recognizes that the PRC (People’s Republic of China) presents America’s most consequential geopolitical challenge,” the 48-page document said. “Although the Indo-Pacific is where its outcomes will be most acutely shaped, there are significant global dimensions to this challenge.” “We will effectively compete with the People’s Republic of China, which is the only competitor with both the intent and, increasingly, the capability to reshape the international order, while constraining a dangerous Russia,” the White House said in a statement. The strategy refers to both China and Russia as autocratic regimes seeking to remake the world according to their own desires, but adds that communist China is the more serious and lasting of the two threats, reports The Epoch Times.


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