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Panel To Probe Imran Khan’s ‘Foreign Conspiracy Drama’

 Panel To Probe Imran Khan’s ‘Foreign Conspiracy Drama’

Imran Khan may be out of power but his allegations of a ‘foreign conspiracy’ to bring down his government continues to reverberate so much so that the new Pakistani government has now announced that an ‘independent’ inquiry commission would probe the ex-premier’s claims. The findings of the commission will be put before the masses so that they could see for themselves as to who hurt the country’s interests, said Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb. She went a step further to prejudge the outcome of the probe. “This drama of allegations should come to an end. Those who are hurling allegations of foreign conspiracy will have to face the law after the findings of the inquiry commission,” the minister remarked. Aurangzeb accused Imran of trying to divert attention from the alleged corruption of Farah Khan, a close friend of his wife Bushra Bibi. The PTI-led government facilitated opening of around 34 bank accounts between 2018 and 2022, most of them in the name of Farah. “Rs 870.4 million were transferred into those accounts during the period,” Aurangzeb alleged.


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