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Myanmar’s Main Airport Rocked By Explosions

 Myanmar’s Main Airport Rocked By Explosions

A series of explosions rocked Yangon’s International Airport on Thursday night after the Myanmar military outpost at the airport was targeted with improvised artillery rounds, according to resistance groups and locals. Residents of Mingaladon Township in the north of Yangon, where the airport is located, reported hearing several explosions. One passenger wrote on his Facebook that he was lucky as there were five blasts at the airport just after he left. Airport staff said that the airport was shut down for an hour after the attack but resumed operations on Friday morning. Resistance group Liberty Thunder claimed responsibility for the attack via local media outlets. The group claimed it and another resistance group, Anonymous Mission Team Alpha, fired seven rounds at the junta airbase from improvised rocket launchers in response to the military regime conducting daily airstrikes on civilian targets. It is still unknown what damage the attack caused. Pro-junta media outlets reported that a 107mm artillery round exploded near the runway of the airport, while another hit a drain at the airport near the military’s nursing university, reports The Irrawaddy.


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