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Journalist Abducted From Karachi Home, Says Family

 Journalist Abducted From Karachi Home, Says Family

Karachi-based social activist and journalist Arsalan Khan is missing. His family claims “unknown persons abducted him” from his residence in the early hours of Friday. Arsalan, who is active on social media especially on Twitter, has worked with different media organisations over the years. One of his friends told The Express Tribune that during the drive against missing persons’ recovery, Arsalan was helping the families. He said that the journalist was involved in such kind of ‘activism’. Police have denied Arsalan is in their custody, adding that the family has not approached them yet. According to Arsalan’s family and friends, “unknown persons” entered his house located in Clifton and after a brief investigation took him away without sharing with the family any reasons. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Arsalan’s wife Ayesha said 10 to 12 people entered their house. “Two were in civil dress and others were in Rangers’ uniform,” she added. She denied if there were any threats hurled at her husband, adding that the persons in uniform also took Arsalan’s mobile and national identity card into their possession.

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