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Imran Blames Army Chief For His Arrest

 Imran Blames Army Chief For His Arrest

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has blamed the army chief for his abduction on May 9 and distanced himself from violence that took place in several cities after his arrest. He expressed these views while having a conversation with the media on the premises of Islamabad High Court. Talking to the BBC, Khan said: “It’s not the security agencies. It’s one man, the army chief. There is no democracy in the army. The army is getting maligned with what is happening,” he replied when asked about the impression that security agencies were against him whereas the judiciary was favouring him, reports Dawn. “And he (the army chief) is worried that if I come to power, I will de-notify him. I tried my best to send him a message that I will not. All this is happening due to direct orders from him. He is the one who is convinced that if I win, he will be de-notified.”

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