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Ended Long March To Avoid Bloodshed: Imran

 Ended Long March To Avoid Bloodshed: Imran

A day after his ‘long march’ was cut short, sparking reports of a deal, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan presented his side of the story. “Our workers asked why we did not stage a sit-in. I am the man who staged a sit-in for 126 days. It was not difficult for me but by the time I reached I became aware of the extent of the situation… I knew that day that there would be bloodshed.” Claiming that the government had asked police personnel to attack protesters, Imran said his supporters were angry and ready to fight back. “The anger at the time, if I had staged a sit-in that day I can guarantee that there would have been bloodshed,” he said. Imran has given the government six days to announce the dates of general elections, failing which he has threatened to return to Islamabad with a massive crowd. Many were taken by surprise since Imran had announced he wouldn’t relent till the government acceded to his demand. “Do not think it was our weakness and don’t think that a deal was made. I am hearing strange things that a deal was made with the establishment. I did not make a deal with anyone,” he said, adding that he would hit the street if his demand wasn’t met. “Let me make it clear, this time we will be prepared.”


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