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Efforts To Engage Kabul Near Dead End: Afghan Envoy

 Efforts To Engage Kabul Near Dead End: Afghan Envoy

The international community’s efforts to engage with the Islamic Emirate have come to a deadlock, says Nasir A. Andisha, the permanent envoy of Afghanistan to the United Nations. Human rights violations, women being excluded from work and education and restrictions on women have caused the international community to get frustrated with the Islamic Emirate, he told the 50th Annual UN Human Rights Session in Geneva. “Over the past ten months the international community is using every possible means to engage with the Taliban, but unfortunately it appears that all efforts are approaching a dead end, a cul-de-sac filled with broken promises and deep disappointments.” At the annual UN Human Rights Session, countries and representatives of human rights organisations discussed the state of the world’s interactions with the Islamic Emirate, the systematic exclusion of women from society and the deteriorating human rights situation, as reported by Tolo News. “In Afghanistan, the Taliban have appointed a government of men, closed girls’ schools, banned women from showing their faces in public and restricted their rights even to leave their own homes. Nearly 20 million Afghan women and girls are being silenced and erased from sight,” said the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

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