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Contempt Case: Ready To Apologise, Says Imran Khan

 Contempt Case: Ready To Apologise, Says Imran Khan

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has deferred contempt proceedings against former Prime Minister Imran Khan after he expressed willingness to apologise to an Additional District and Sessions Judge for his remarks made against her at a public rally a month ago. In its written order, the court observed that in his submission, Imran said that he “may have crossed a red line”, reported Dawn. “He wanted to assure the Hon’ble Judges of this Court that he was willing to clarify before the Hon’ble Judge of the District Court that neither he nor his party sought any action against the Hon’ble Judge of District Court and that he would willingly apologize to the Hon’ble Judge if she felt that the respondent had crossed a line.” The order went on that the PTI chief has promised never to do anything in the future that would hurt the dignity of the judiciary and especially the lower judiciary. “I am ready to apologise to the female judge,” Imran told the court.


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