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Chinese TV Producer Missing After Accusing Govt

 Chinese TV Producer Missing After Accusing Govt

A Chinese TV producer and director has disappeared after revealing the identity of the “chained woman” on social media and accusing authorities of a cover-up. The chained woman case in Feng county of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province remains unsolved despite public outrage, including her true identity. Wang Shengqiang, producer and director of China Network’s “Interview with Famous Experts,” whose home town is Feng county, revealed on Chinese social media that people in Feng County “all know that it is Li Ying, but some people can’t let her be Li Ying.” He recently accused authorities of covering up facts and was threatened by the Chinese communist regime’s police, according to The Epoch Times. Currently, Wang’s whereabouts are unknown. On March 27 and 28, Wang posted on Weibo that police had gone around asking where he lives, and finally came to his home in Beijing in the middle of the night. Wang’s last Weibo post was in the early morning of March 28: “lawyers, come and look through my Weibo posts, which one is illegal, and which law is violated, that is worth the police coming to arrest me in the middle of the night?” The chained woman incident was revealed during the Beijing Winter Olympics. People believed she was Li Ying, a Sichuan girl who was abducted by human traffickers at the age of 12, but officials denied the claim. Jiangsu authorities made contradictory claims that fuelled suspicion of a government cover-up.

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