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China Revises Military Conscription Law

 China Revises Military Conscription Law

China’s newly revised military conscription law went into effect earlier this week, the focus being on reenlisting retired service people and recruiting college students with expertise in space and cyber warfare. Currently, China has 2 million military personnel, 35 percent of which are conscripted, serving for two years. The revisions allow retired service people to be reenlisted if they are voluntary and meet the conditions, and they will serve in their previous service units or similar posts. Another focus of the revised law is college students. The new regulations authorize colleges and universities to handle the drafting of students. Since last year, the Communist Party has focused on recruiting college students for the military. Propaganda to encourage college and graduate students to enlist has continued to appear in the media, targeting those who majored in science and engineering and those with technology and combat skills, reports The Epoch Times.

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