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China Blames COVID Testing Firms For Failing To Control Pandemic

 China Blames COVID Testing Firms For Failing To Control Pandemic

Amid public outcry demanding an end to Beijing’s zero-Covid policy, Chinese state media recently set off a wave of criticism against Covid testing companies. Late last month, the regime’s mouthpiece People’s Daily published a commentary titled “If the Covid testing chaos continues, the epidemic will never end.” It claims Covid -19 has not been eradicated because of unreliable and poorly made nucleic acid testing products. Citing fraud cases of 10 Covid testing companies in seven provinces, the article said that these false test reports allowed the disease to spread, causing lockdowns to last for several months, even leading to citywide shutdowns, reports The Epoch Times. Therefore, these companies “must be severely punished in order to resolve such chaos.” One Covid testing company was targeted by the media. Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi Testing Laboratory in Gansu Province, and its parent company, Shenzhen Nuclear Gene Technology, made headlines on Chinese news outlets and social media. A statement by the local health commission said the Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi staff mistakenly recorded several people as Covid positive.


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