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China Adjusts Martial Law Rules In Preparation For War: Experts

 China Adjusts Martial Law Rules In Preparation For War: Experts

China’s top legislature, the National People’s Congress, passed a resolution late last month to adjust the application of some provisions of the criminal procedure law for the military during wartime. According to the regime’s official mouthpiece Xinhua, the provisions include those relating to jurisdiction, defence, investigation, prosecution, trial and enforcement. Li Zhengxiu, a military expert at Taiwan’s National Policy Research Foundation, told The Epoch Times that the move indicates the Chinese regime is likely preparing for military conflicts, such as invasion of Taiwan. “The new adjustments are for the prevention of ‘betrayal’ of military personnel in wartime and the leaking of the CCP’s confidential military intelligence—and to prepare in advance for the disposal of captured personnel in war,” according to Zhou Xiaohui, a columnist with The Epoch Times. Yao Cheng, a former Chinese navy lieutenant colonel, told The Epoch Times that the adjustments to the law not only aimed at Taiwan but was simultaneously preparation to impose martial law in China. “If it needs to, it will have a legal basis for declaring martial law, because there are many domestic conflicts, and the CCP needs its military to control the domestic situation and maintain its regime.”


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