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‘The Next Stop Is About India’s Journey To Natural Gas’

NEW DELHI: Gas is good and therefore the way to go, argues Vikram Singh Mehta, in this seminal volume The Next Stop, which he has edited. The book has 24 chapters written by experts and professionals covering everything from “Why Gas?” to supply and demand issues, the case for India, regulation and sustainability and so on.

Mehta has written the executive summary and policy road map, briefly looking at what each chapter contains, and his own sense of how India should go forward. He analyses the gas demand in India, why it has failed to take off and what needs to be done to overcome this including reforming PSUs and overcoming regulatory hurdles.

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As Mehta argues in this conversation on Books Corner, gas is not only good for the environment, it works out cheaper in the long run even though setting up the infrastructure is capital intensive.

Tune in to this conversation with Vikram Singh Mehta, author of The Next Stop.