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‘Reasonable India-China Accommodation Needed Despite Difficulties’

NEW DELHI: The U.S.-China ‘Cold War’, its consequences, repercussions, challenges and opportunities for New Delhi, Washington and Beijing. Kishore Mahbubani, academic, author and former Singaporean diplomat, C Raja Mohan, strategic analyst, professor and ex-Editor and Nitin A. Gokhale, Founder and Editor-in-Chief StratNews Global and BharatShakti talk about the complex geopolitics in this discussion moderated by Amitabh P. Revi.

Professor Mahbubani quotes from his latest book ‘Has China Won?’ on why America is not hitting the pause button in its contest with China to be the number one power while Professor Raja Mohan says, ‘Whether one likes it or not everyone has to be prepared for a fundamental shift in balance’. Nitin Gokhale weighs in on there being no military solution to the boundary resolution while a clear message is being sent by building up India’s military infrastructure. Mahbubani believes the big power rivalry leaves India in a geopolitical sweet spot while Professor Raja Mohan points towards ‘reasonable accommodation being a necessity despite all the difficulties and Nitin Gokhale concludes its time for government policy makers to ready public opinion in a noisy democracy like India.

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Also discussed China’s Pakistan nexus, counterbalancing China with the Quad, Quad+3, the G-11 and other middle powers, Chinese and American hubris and the lessons learnt and the paradox of communism cohabiting with the world’s best entrepreneurial spirit.