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‘India’s Macro Indicators Are Good But Micro Issues Will Get Priority’

NEW DELHI: Ahead of the budget, what are the trends and issues that could influence the finance minister?

Global headwinds exist in the form of lower growth in the US and China, says Anil Padmanabhan, former editor of the Mint who is currently running the substack CapitalCalculus on business and economy. In a chat on StratNewsGlobal, Padmanabhan also pointed to the supply chain issues, notably the worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips that is affecting industry.

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Turning to India he said the macro indicators were positive but the government will have to contend with the livelihood issue, lives of people impacted by the pandemic. This means having to continue with
transfers of money and food. Currently, around 800 million people benefit from these transfers although there is evidence that people are not being able to avail of these measures.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Anil Padmanabhan.


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