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‘Gen Rawat’s Successor Has Big Shoes To Fill’

NEW DELHI: Gen. Bipin Rawat’s untimely and tragic departure ups the pressure on his successor, who not only has to take forward his predecessor’s agenda but also build equations with the other service chiefs. And unlike the outspoken Rawat who tended to call a spade a spade, the new incumbent will have to tread softly and work to build consensus.

In this conversation with StratNewsGlobal, Lt.Gen. D.S. Hooda, former Northern Army Commander, acknowledged that Rawat’s shoes will not be easy to fill. He had the military stature and the political connect to push integration of the forces. He could ruffle the feathers of other services and still carry credibility, but his death leaves his successor to complete a crowded and sometimes contentious agenda.

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Tune in for more in this chat with Lt.Gen. D.S.Hooda.


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