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‘Digital Connectivity Is Transforming India, The Economy Will Be Tech Driven’

NEW DELHI: Meet Aashish Chandorkar, management consultant and the first “non-babu” to be appointed a director at India’s Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organisation. As a public policy specialist, he will bring to his new appointment over two decades of experience heading business and technology transformation projects for clients across industries and geographies.

Chandorkar spoke to StratNewsGlobal on his new appointment where he will provide analysis, advice and guidance on key issues of trade and commerce. He was circumspect about the details since he moves into his new job sometime in September.

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So much of the conversation focused on his views about the Indian economy. He said the uptick in exports this quarter was a positive sign for the economy recovering from the pandemic second wave and anticipating a third wave. FDI has been going up but much of this is going into the tech sector where employment numbers would be less visible compared to say older sectors as in manufacturing.

In his view, it also pointed to the fact that India is changing, transforming, reflecting the fact that this country is emerging as digitally connected. Tune in to this conversation with Aashish Chandorkar on StratNewsGlobal at 7pm Monday